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Thermal Audit Service

Why Do A Thermal Audit?

As temperatures rise, industrial electronics can overheat, causing malfunction and even complete device failure that can ultimately lead to machine downtime. A thermal audit can identify problem areas early on before they become bigger obstacles.


A thermal audit will also help you do the following:

  • Maximize the lifecycle of electronic devices
  • Sustain productivity
  • Cut avoidable capital expenses


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Enclosure Analysis

Enclosure Analysis

A nVent HOFFMAN specialist will visit your plant and inspect every enclosure in your facility or any enclosure that requires attention to analyze the ambient temperature and humidity.​

Thermal Scanning

Thermal Scanning

Thermal scans of your enclosures will be taken using a thermal imaging gun or infrared thermometer to give you accurate information for true capacity calculations.



After the thermal audit, a personalized report of the findings will be shared and recommendations will be made for your specific application.

Extend Operational Life

Prevent Catastrophic Failure

Sustain Productivity

Maintain Equipment Warranties

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