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Design to Manufacturing (DTM) Software


Design to Manufacturing (DTM) Software



Simplifying electrical engineering and connecting fabrication and workers to drive productivity.

An important part of the nVent HOFFMAN Design to Manufacturing Platform, DTM Software, is tailored to meet the requirements of nVent HOFFMAN customers.

With its easy-to-use intelligent central parts library, designers can now efficiently work on a single project while the software automatically ensures the data is synchronized making the design and planning process easy, while reducing errors.

All so you can maintain a single source of truth, while simplifying processes and increasing productivity.



What DTM Software Can Do For You

Simplify design to minimize manual drafting and improve quality

Capture and deploy knowledge to standardize design and drive efficiencies

HOFFMAN-SB-H89338-DTMSoftware-EN-2303-print_ -02.png
Connect engineering to manufacturing to improve quality, efficiency and precision

HOFFMAN-SB-H89338-DTMSoftware-EN-2303-print_ -04.png
Maximize employees’ capabilities to solve the shortage of engineers and skilled labor

Accelerate profitable growth

The DTM software is an integral part of the nVent HOFFMAN Design to Manufacturing Platform, a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions that can be scaled and integrated to meet your needs:


Rely on the comprehensive nVent HOFFMAN Design to Manufacturing Platform portfolio from end to end to streamline the way you work and do more business faster.

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