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Изображение для Lifting Angles из Европа, Средний Восток, Африка и Индия
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Lifting Angles

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    Used to provide best load distribution while lifting two or three ganged enclosures with up to 1000 lb. of equipment and cabling in each bay. Angles mount to top of enclosure frame corner blocks and do not require removal of top cover for installation. Kit consists of two angles and four bolts and washers. Angles are clear zinc-coated 10 gauge steel. Lifting Angles are designed for overhead lifting in conjunction with shackles and a spreader bar. Use of shackles instead of hooks is preferred. The angle between the top of the enclosure and the cable or chain must be at least 45°. Use only slings and spreader bars that are designed for the specific application and are in compliance with regulations established by OSHA, ASME, ISA, ASTM and other governing agencies.
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    Front-to-back lifting angles
    Side-to-side lifting angles