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Stainless Steel Free-Standing Disconnect Enclosures

Stainless steel free-standing disconnect enclosures help mitigate arc flash occurrences when working inside the enclosure by isolating incoming power

  • Designed to house electronic controls and components
  • Provides protection from noncorrosive or mildly corrosive elements in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Typical applications are in the food and beverage, packaging, water, petroleum and chemical processing industries
  • Designed to house the most popular disconnect switches and circuit breakers

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Stainless Steel 1-Dr to 5-Dr Freestand Disconnect Type 4X

This disconnect enclosure is designed to house electronic controls in indoor and outdoor environments.
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Floor-Mount Disconnect 2-Door 3pt Latch Type 4X, 72x66x18, SS 304

Stainless Steel Sequestr, External Disconnect Package Type 4X

Sequestr, External Disconnect enclosures package mitigates arc-flash occurrences.
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Sequestr, External Disconnect Package, 4X, 72x66x18, 2 Door, SS 304

Stainless Steel Single-Door Freestand Disconnect Type 4X

Freestanding, single door, disconnect stainless steel enclosure ideal for indoor our outdoor use.
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Freestand Disconnect, Quarter-Turn and 3pt Latch, 4X, 72x33x24, SS 304