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Mild Steel Modular Disconnect Enclosures

Mild steel modular disconnect enclosures help mitigate arc flash occurrences when working inside the enclosure by isolating incoming power

  • The mild steel flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosure range, MCF, is available off the shelf in various sizes
  • It is equipped with a predefined cut-out
  • The enclosure configurations that may be created comply with door interlocking and main switch regulations

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Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF

Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF floor-stand enclosures are equipped with cutouts for disconnect handles.
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Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF, 2000x1000x500mm, Zinc Plated, Mild Steel
Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF, 2000x800x500mm, Zinc Plated, Mild Steel

ProLine-DD Disconnect Enclosure Type 12

ProLine Disconnect Packages are ready-to-use enclosures offering flange-mount disconnect solutions.
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ProLine-DD Disconnect Enclosure Type 12, 2000x1600x500, Lt Gray, Steel