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Utility Junction Cabinet Pnl 2 Park Stand StyleB, 11.66x21.50, White, SS304

  • Recessed stainless steel penta-head bolt with padlock security system standard on all models
  • 5/8-11 threaded lifting provisions
  • Wind stop standard on all models (two stops provided if B dimension is greater than or equal to 42-inch (1067mm))
  • Ground nut for each phase
  • Full range of modifications available on request
  • When ordering UJ cabinets, customer may specify multiple mounting panel options, including mild steel, galvanized and stainless steel (panels must be purchased separately)
  • ANSI C57.12.28 Pad-Mounted Equipment Enclosure Integrity RUS Approved
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Utility Junction (UJ) Cabinet


  • Height: 11.66 in / 296 mm
  • Width: 21.5 in / 546 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 12 ga / 2.78 mm
  • Style: B
  • Parking Stand Quantity: 2
  • Weight: 12 lb


Utility Junction (UJ) Cabinet provides sectionalizing and tap-point functionality for underground distribution systems. Available in a wide variety of single- and three-phase models, these enclosures are rated 15 and 25 KV at 200 or 600 amperes and will accept two-, three- and four-way junctions from all manufacturers.

UJ303018A, UJ306018A and UJ306723A aluminum models are .125-inch (3.3mm) thick.

Catalog weights and dimensions are careful estimates but not guaranteed.



Industry Standards

RUS Approved
ANSI C57.12.28 Pad-Mounted Equipment Enclosure Integrity

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