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ProLine G2 Disconnect Package Type 12 RH 1Dr, 1800x1000x500, Lt Gray, Steel

  • 12 gauge (2.5mm), roll-formed steel frame with welded steel corners and hybrid frame profile for superior performance under load
  • Frame features a 25-mm DIN standard, alternating rectangular and round hole pattern
  • Disconnect Frames >1000 mm include two removable center uprights (front and rear) which are offset 100 mm from the center of the frame
  • Standard right- or left-hand provision will accept the following types of flange-mounted disconnect devices: Allen-Bradley (Bulletin 1494V - disconnect switches with flange-mounted, variable-depth operating mechanisms and Bulletin 1494V flange-mounted variable-depth operating mechanisms for circuit breakers; ABB Controls (Disconnect Switches up to 200 amp and operators for ABB circuit breakers up to 800 amp); Eaton Cutler-Hammer (Variable-depth disconnect switches up to 200 amp, operators for circuit breakers up to 600 amp, and FLEX SHAFT® handle mechanisms for circuit breakers); General Electric (Type TDA variable-depth mechanisms for disconnect switches up to 200 amp, and operator mechanisms or SPECTRA FLEX® cable operator for circuit breakers up to 600 amp); Siemens ITE (MAX-FLEX flange-mounted, variable depth operating handle for disconnect switches and circuit breakers as well as some fixed depth operators for disconnect switches); Schneider Square D (Class 9422 disconnect switches up to 200 amp with variable-depth or cable mechanisms for 30, 60 or 100 amp, and circuit breakers with variable-depth operators or cable mechanisms up to 400 amp). Note: There are ProLine G2 Disconnect Door options with a larger cutout for use with higher amp disconnect switches
  • Right-hand disconnects have the mullion on the right, and door(s) hinged on the left; left hand disconnects have the mullion on the left, and door(s) hinged on the right; mullion door is opened via two quarter-turn cams
  • Two-door disconnect packages have a removable center upright in the front, and both doors swing in the same direction (not overlapping)
  • A low-profile flush swing handle with key lock (other options available) operates an internal 3-point latch system on the door; Door bar system on all doors (not on disconnect mullion)
  • Door bar system on all doors (not on disconnect mullion)
  • Integrated mechanical interlock system from the door(s) to the disconnect mullion; Interlock must be defeated to unlock either door: the primary door must be in the open position to open the secondary door, and the primary door must be in the open position to open the mullion
  • Seamless polyurethane gasket provides a water-tight, dust-tight seal against moisture and contaminants; UL component recognized, CSA compliant
  • Mounting subpanel includes EZ-Load Glide Blocks, which accommodate five loading options: vertical front, vertical side, vertical rear, horizontal front (frame over subpanel), horizontal rear (subpanel lowered into frame); Subpanel is securely fastened to the top and bottom of the frame.
  • Enclosures <1200 mm use 4 sets of EZ-Load Glide Blocks; enclosures ≥1200 mm use 8 sets of glide blocks for a well-secured subpanel
  • Galvanized, full-height subpanel is supplied standard; subpanel is depth adjustable, with back-to-back subpanel configuration possible; white painted subpanel available (sold separately)
  • Side covers included standard in package
  • System Note: Can be bayed to a ProLine G2 Industrial Package, however a ProLine G2 Barrier Panel (sold separately) must be used between the Disconnect Package and the Industrial Package to maintain disconnect integrity
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ProLine G2 Disconnect Packages Type 12


  • Height: 70.94 in / 1802 mm
  • Width: 39.67 in / 1008 mm
  • Depth: 19.88 in / 505 mm
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Max Subpanel Size: 1706 x 928 mm / 67.2 x 36.5 in
  • Door Quantity: 1
  • Max Rack Mount Unit: 38
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Color Code: RAL 7035
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Thickness: 14 ga / 1.9 mm
  • Weight: 455 lb


ProLine G2 Disconnect Packages are full-featured, ready-to-use enclosures which make it easy to create flange-mount disconnect solutions using major brand disconnect switches and circuit breakers. A hinged disconnect mullion provides unobstructed access to the interior and maximum access to the Full Mounting Subpanel (Mounting Plate). A flush swing handle with defeater operates an internal 3-point latch system on the disconnect door and latches to the disconnect mullion. Interlocking is provided from the primary door to the disconnect mullion. Side covers are included with ProLine G2 Disconnect Packages.

HxWxD dimensions are nominal.



Industry Standards

UL 508A Listed; Type 12; File Number E61997
CSA File Number 42186; Type 12
IEC 60529, IP55

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