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Large, Internal Disconnect Shield, 32x15x9.75in, Safety Orange, Steel

  • Body construction includes flanges and joints to meet UL Type 1 construction requirements
  • Quarter-turn slotted latch
  • Spring-loaded slam latch with 7mm square insert for automatic latching
  • 110-degree door stop to prevent incidental contact
  • Gland plate top and bottom for easy wire installation
  • Wing nuts for gland plates for tool-less installation
  • Ground stud on door and body
  • Open back with mounting holes on back flanges for mounting on main enclosure sub-panel
  • Knock-outs for variable-depth or cable-operated disconnect switches
  • Symmetrically designed to use with left-hand or right-hand disconnect switches
  • Hardware kit includes: panel mounting screws, key for spring-loaded slam latch, grommet to cover knockout for variable-depth disconnect switches, and installation instructions
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Internal Disconnect Shield


  • Amperage Range: 200 - 600 A
  • Color: OSHA Safety Orange
  • Finish: Smooth Gloss
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Thickness: 16 ga / 1.52 mm
  • Weight: 32 lb


The internal disconnect shield helps reduce the risk of electric shock and arc flash by providing a method to barrier the disconnect switch inside the main enclosure, which minimizes incidental contact or exposure to the line side lugs. Designed to cover variable-depth or cable-operated disconnect switches, it can be retrofitted in an existing system or integrated into a new system. The internal disconnect shield does not eliminate the potential for an arc flash. It is not designed to contain the heat and pressure or direct it away from workers if an arc flash does occur.

Amperage Guide: To determine the size of the Internal Disconnect Shield needed, the dimensions and layout of the following need to be considered:

Type of device (disconnect switch or circuit breaker)

Type of fuse (if fuses are used)

Wire bend layout



Industry Standards

UL 508A Listed; Type 1; File Number E482010
cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No 94; Type 1; File Number E482010
IEC 60529, IP30
This product has an open back and is intended to be mounted to the internal panel of a Type rated Industrial Control Panel.

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