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Panel for Free-Stand with Mounting Stud, fits 90x40 1-Bay, White, Steel

  • Panel mounting hardware is furnished with all enclosures which accept these panels
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Panels for Free-Stand Multi-door Enclosure with Mounting Stud


  • Height: 78 in / 1981 mm
  • Width: 33.75 in / 857 mm
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 11 ga / 3.04 mm
  • Panel Size: 78.00 x 33.75 in / 1981 x 857 mm
  • Hole Quantity: 8
  • Fits Enclosure Height: 90 in.
  • Weight: 111 lb


Use these panels in Free-stand Multi-Door Enclosures with Mounting Stud. Extra holes are provided for lifting and installing panels. Catalog numbers with BG suffix include two conductive panels bolted together with top and bottom stiffeners for additional support.

Catalog numbers ending in B or BG represent the 2-piece panels, reference drawing configuration 2 in spec sheet. For all other catalog numbers, reference drawing configuration 1 in spec sheet.

Catalog numbers with B suffix include two painted panels bolted together, with top and bottom stiffeners for additional support.

Use combination of panels for 3-5 Door Free-Stand Enclosures.



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