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Disconnect Enclosures

Disconnect enclosure packages help mitigate arc flash occurrences when working inside the enclosure by isolating incoming power

  • nVent HOFFMAN is a thought leader in electrical safety and offers training resources to help increase awareness of electrical safety risks and educate about safer workplace practices
  • True safety is not just about equipment, it’s about people
  • We offer a broader range of enclosure products than competitors

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Fiberglass Disconnect Type 4X

Fiberglass Disconnect Enclosure is an effective and economical enclosure for corrosive environments.
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Fiberglass Disconnect Type 4X, 36.25x30.25x12.00, Lt Gray, Fiberglass
Fiberglass Disconnect Type 4X, 48.25x36.25x12.00, Lt Gray, Fiberglass
Fiberglass Disconnect Type 4X, 60.25x36.31x12.00, Lt Gray, Fiberglass