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Racks para conexión en red, gabinetes y accesorios - Hoffman

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Ladder Rack Straight Sections (cULus Classified)
Bulletin Number: DCR
RoHS Flag: Yes

Supports cable on straight runs. Made of 1-1/2 in. x 3/8 in. (38 mm x 8 mm) 16 gauge tubular steel with a painted or plated finish. Nominal installed length is 10 ft. (3.05 m). Each section is 9 ft. 11-1/2 in. (3.03 m) long with cross members welded at 9-in. (229-mm) intervals.

CableTek Vertical Cable Manager
Bulletin Number: DOFRY
RoHS Flag: Yes

Available in single- and double-sided models, this vertical cable manager mounts on the sides of or between 2- and 4-post open frame racks. The front side of the manager provides support, management and high capacity for patch cords, while the back supports Cat 5e, 6, 6A and fiber optic cables.

Horizontal Ground Bar Kits
Bulletin Number: DBG
RoHS Flag: Yes

Mount horizontally on rack, providing a convenient place to connect equipment grounds. Made of electrolytic tough-pitch 110 copper alloy. Kits include ground bar with mounting hardware, eight #6-32 x 14 machine screws, and eight #6 ring terminals.

2-Post Open Frame Rack
Bulletin Number: DOFR2 DMAX
RoHS Flag: Yes
AccessPlus Double-Hinge, Type 1
Bulletin Number: DWDH1
RoHS Flag: Yes

AccessPlus™ II Cabinets provide security, equipment access, cooling and support for network and other 19-in. rack-mount equipment.

ProTek Double-Hinged, UL and NEMA Type 4, 4X or 12
Bulletin Number: DWDH2
RoHS Flag: Yes

ProTek Double-Hinged cabinets are an excellent, off-the-shelf choice for mounting 19-in. rack, panel-mounted devices or other electronic equipment. The cabinets are designed to provide both front and rear access to 19-in. rack-mounted equipment. They provide protection against water, dirt, corrosive agents and other contaminants.

Bulletin Number: DOFRW
RoHS Flag: Yes
Seismic Free-Standing, Dual-Access Cabinet, Type 4
Bulletin Number: DSFS
Material: Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

Ideal where front or front and rear access is required. These Type 4 enclosures have sturdy unibody construction with 19-in. rack angles to support equipment. These enclosures are ideal for housing and protecting networking and communications from dust, liquid, and seismic events. 36-in. wide models include integral, vertical cable management that supports copper and fiber networking cables.

Seismic Cabinet
Bulletin Number: DNCS
RoHS Flag: Yes

ComLine, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: DCOM
RoHS Flag: Yes
4-Post Open Frame Rack
Bulletin Number: DOFR4
RoHS Flag: Yes

4-Post Open Frame Racks combine the mounting security of a cabinet with the accessibility of a rack.

CableTek Horizontal Cable Manager
Bulletin Number: DACCY
RoHS Flag: Yes

This cable manager features heavy-duty endposts, arrowhead fingers and tool-less mounting to easily route Cat 5e, 6 and 6A cable horizontally in standard 19-in. cabinets or on 2- or 4-post open frame racks.

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