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Electrical Enclosures

Food and Beverage Sanitary Applications
Overview of nVent HOFFMAN's stainless steel products suited for sanitary washdown applications.
SYSPEND Sanitary HMI System
HOFFMAN Sypend Sanitary HMI System is an HMI enclosure and suspension system set — designed to reliably enclose, protect and suspend lightweight HMI devices up to 90 lbs. in challenging sanitary environments.
Innovative Features Save You Time
nVent HOFFMAN Type 4 Free-Stand Disconnect Enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN WeatherFlo HD Enclosures
Variable Frequency Drive Enclosures
Mild Steel Junction Boxes Sell Sheet
A wider variety of sizes help you get the size you need, when you need it.
Stainless Steel nVent HOFFMAN Sequestr External Disconnect Package, Type 4X
The Stainless Steel nVent HOFFMAN Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure package helps mitigate arc flash occurrences when working on interior components by isolating incoming power from the main enclosure.
FS66S Stainless Steel Enclosure
nVent HOFFMAN assures maximum productivity and uptime while protecting the life cycles of controls and equipment.
nVent HOFFMAN Modular 101
A modular enclosure is simply an electrical enclosure that has a modular design.
nVent HOFFMAN ProLine G2 Configuration Handbook
Engineered for Industrial Environments Free-standing, Disconnect, Type 12/IP55
Tender Specifications
Specifications for Free-Stand, Modular Enclosures.
Check out some of the benefits and features of working with the PROLINE G2.
nVent HOFFMAN ProLine G2 Informational Postcard
nVent HOFFMAN Proline G2 raises the level of innovation, quality and value in modular electrical enclosures.
nVent HOFFMAN ProLine G2 The Next Generation Modular Solution
nVent HOFFMAN's Proline G2 is designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while at the same time making the electrical enclosure easier to use and faster to populate.
PROLINE G2 Package Options
PROLINE G2 Industrial Packages include a solid door, handle and keylock, top and rear wall, full subpanel, gland plate, and fourlifting eyes.
A document mapping all of the different ways to configure your PROLINE G2.
PROLINE G2 Feature Comparison
Feature comparison between PROLINE and PROLINE G2

Communications / Networking

nVent HOFFMAN AccessPlus
Versatile wall-mount cabinet handles network equipment weighing 250 to 500 lbs.
Outside Plant Products (OSP)
nVent HOFFMAN's integrators are Nationally Recognized Test Labs with UL508 and ETL labeling capabilities and provide expertise and proven experience you need for simple to complex projects.
Complete Solutions for Security Applications
Protect your equipment from contaminants in any environment.
nVent HOFFMAN ProTek Wall-Mount Enclosures
Space-saving cabinets from nVent HOFFMAN protect, house and cool remote sensitive electronic and electrical components

Hazardous / Explosion Environment

Non-metallic Enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN provides effective and economical protection in harsh and corrosive environments.
Oil & Gas Solutions
Maximizing the operation and life cycle of process controls, instruments and electrical systems in oil and gas applications.
Hazardous Location Solutions
nVent HOFFMAN enclosures and products to safely house electrical systems and electronic components.

Industry Solutions

What's New at HOFFMAN
Introducing nVent HOFFMAN's newest commercial products – Angled Trough, Pull Box Extenders and Stainless Steel Pull Boxes and Troughs
Commercial Construction
nVent provides innovative solutions from CADDY and HOFFMAN to help get the job done right, safely.
nVent HOFFMAN Syspend 180-MAX
A modular enclosure suspension system designed for modern industrial aesthetics, excellent ergonomics and multiple component combinations.
nVent HOFFMAN Syspend 180-MAX Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the nVent HOFFMAN Syspend 180-MAX.
Networking Specifier's Guide
nVent HOFFMAN is a global leader in safeguarding industrial controls, electrical components, and communications hardware.
Accelerate Your Project
nVent HOFFMAN offers the Industries largest selection of standard products that can be easily customized.
Oil & Gas Solutions
Maximizing the operation and life cycle of process controls, instruments and electrical systems in oil and gas applications.
nVent HOFFMAN ClimaGuard Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers Sell Sheet
WCHE Series Indoor Heat Exchangers for Sealed Cabinets
nVent HOFFMAN H2Omit
Combat condensation damage with the nVent HOFFMAN H2Omit condensation solution system.
nVent HOFFMAN IR Windows Sell Sheet
Save time and money while maximizing safety when performing electrical inspections.
Mods Made Easy
An unsurpassed automated solution for custom control panel builders.
nVent HOFFMAN Fusion G7 Enclosures
The advanced, global wall-mount enclosure platform with scalable component mounting.

Enclosure Cooling

HOFFMAN Spectracool Air Conditioners
nVent HOFFMAN's Spectracool Air Conditioners deliver reliable enclosure cooling in demanding environments, including industrial automation, telecommunications, waste water treatment, material handling, security and defense systems.
nVent HOFFMAN Vortex A/C Enclosure Coolers Sell Sheet
Highly reliable and virtually maintenance free cooling solution.
nVent HOFFMAN Thermoelectric Coolers Sell Sheet
Compressor-free Air Conditioning for Small Indoor or Outdoor Enclosures
Enclosure Cooling Solutions
Let nVent HOFFMAN Cooling help provide a solution for your electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems protection needs.
Communications Cooling Solutions
Protect your equipment from damaging heat with nVent HOFFMAN's UL® - Certified cooling, heating, and climate control products.

Solutions for Control Panel Builders

Mods Made Easy
The automated edge for control panel builders