White Papers & Case Studies

White Papers and Case Studies


Need to understand hazardous location certifications or sanitary requirements for food & beverage equipment? Faced with a design challenge in your data center cabinet and cooling infrastructure? Want to see how our customers have used nVent HOFFMAN solutions to protect their electrical and electronic systems? You’ll find these insights here and much more.

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Electrical Enclosures

White Paper: Enclosure Material
Specifying the correct enclosure material.
White Paper: Introduction To Arc Flash Safety
Standards for Safe Electrical Practice
White Paper: Global Enclosure Standards
Industry standards for electrical enclosures exist to promote safety, encourage design efficiency and define minimum levels of product performance.
White Paper: How To Select the Ideal Enclosure Gasket
In many indoor and outdoor applications, a properly mounted, well-performing gasket is critical to the protection of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment inside the enclosure.
White Paper: Enclosures for Solar Applications
A guide to selecting the ideal enclosure material.
White Paper: Mitigating Enclosure Condensation
Preventing damage and ensuring optimal life for enclosed electrical and electronic equipment.
White Paper: Washdown Enclosures
Selecting the proper enclosure for washdown environments.
White Paper: Solar Shielding
Reducing heat load to protect enclosure components.
Case Study: ProLine G2 Modular Enclosures
Space saving modular enclosure solution created to separate and protect critical components.

Weather Resistant (Outdoor)

Case Study: Cox Research
Control panel manufacturer uses nVent HOFFMAN stainless steel, polyester enclosures for quick-removal maintenance and mitigation.
White Paper: The Benefits of Stainless Steel
Understanding and identifying the ideal enclosure material.
Case Study: Mauritius Island Security System
nVent HOFFMAN teams collaborate to provide security to Mauritius Island.
Case Study: Pyrotechnic Computer Cooling
When the pyrotechnics turn hot, nVent HOFFMAN keeps it cool.
Case Study: Hurricane Gustav
Stainless steel enclosure withstands Hurricane Gustav, protecting electrical equipment at Louisiana utility plant.

Hazardous / Explosion Environment

Communications / Networking

Modular 101 White Paper
A modular enclosure is simply an electrical enclosure that has a modular design.

Commercial Construction

Case Study: Quality and Flexibility with Type 12 Wireway
Griffin Electric delivers robust solution for Insulet's new medical device manufacturing facility
Case Study: Flexible Angled Trough Wire Distribution
American Electrical Contractors’ Memphis team gains big savings and morale boost.
Case Study: How VMI Drives Efficiency
The growth and success of the commercial product business relies heavily on products being on the shelves when the customer needs them.

Enclosure Cooling

White Paper: Why Optimize a Cooling Set Point?
Heat is removed either by using some active or passive heat transfer equipment. When there is active temperature control, choosing the right enclosure cooling set-point is very important.
Avoiding Enclosure Condensation Issues White Paper
How to avoid condensation inside an enclosure.
White Paper: Surface Coating
Using surface coatings to extend life and improve performance in industrial air conditioners.