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Terminal Box, Stainless Steel, SSTB
Bulletin Number: GTS
Material: Stainless Steel

The stainless steel terminal box range, SSTB, with a IP 66 protection degree, is available off the shelf in many different sizes. The SSTB range is well suited for indoor and outdoor environments thanks to its corrosion resistance. Water and dust are prevented from entering the terminal box, thus eliminating the risk for component failure, and with that, unnecessary downtime.

Continuous-Hinge with Clamps, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A51S
RoHS Flag: Yes

Used in either indoor or outdoor applications, these enclosures combine a rugged continuous hinge, seamless foam-in-place gasket and stainless steel screw-down clamps for a reliable seal that protects components from corrosive environments.

Clamp Cover, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A51S
RoHS Flag: Yes

These enclosures feature Hoffman's exclusive PowerGlide Handle with 3-point latching, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection, convenient access, and padlocking security.

Continuous Hinge with Clamps, EMC, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A51SE
RoHS Flag: Yes

This single-door enclosure provides industry-leading protection for systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations in highly corrosive environments. The addition of 19-in. rack-mounting accessories makes these enclosures ideal for providing rugged protection for sensitive rack-mounted components in harsh industrial environments. The enclosure is typically used in food-processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants and waste-water treatment facilities.

Screw-Cover, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A90S4
Material: Stainless Steel

Use this enclosure in commercial and industrial applications that require a junction box or pull box in a corrosive environment.