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ProLine G2

Stronger. Faster. Easier.
ProLine G2.

The Next Generation Modular Solution

ProLine G2 modular enclosures are designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while making the electrical enclosures easier to use and faster to populate.

ProLine G2 raises the level of innovation, quality and value in modular electrical enclosures.

  • Superior performance under load - designed and tested for industrial environments
  • Maximized usable space - more room for your electronics; same footprint
  • Easier and faster to load electronics - save time and money
  • Built to last - durable materials and quality components
  • Expanded standard size options - quickly get what you want with over 150 standard frame options and over 350 standard industrial package options


Modular Brochure   HOFFMAN 3D Configurator Information
ProLine G2 Brochure detailing features, specifications and certifications   Information on nVent HOFFMAN's 3D Configurator for Modular Enclosures


Features and Benefits Assembly/Installation Videos
Video showcasing the features and benefits of ProLine G2 Modular Solutions. Assortment of videos showing how to assemble and install various components of ProLine G2

nVent HOFFMAN 3D Configurator for ProLine G2

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ProLine G2 Frames
Bulletin Number: P40

The ProLine G2 frame is the foundational design element that protects the components inside this modular enclosure. The frame was designed to withstand heavier load requirements and to maintain a solid square structure - a solid foundation for the electrical enclosure.

ProLine G2 Disconnect Frames
Bulletin Number: A51NF

ProLine G2 Disconnect Frames can be used with ProLine G2 Disconnect Doors and Disconnect components to configure a custom Disconnect Enclosure Solution from standard modular enclosure components.

ProLine G2 Frame Joining Kits
Bulletin Number: P40

The ProLine G2 Frame Joining Kit joins two modular enclosures while maintaining an environmental seal.

ProLine G2 Barrier Panel
Bulletin Number: P40
Material: Steel

Barrier Panels are designed to be used as buffers between joined or ganged enclosure systems. When mounted to the enclosure, they maintain enclosure environmental integrity.

ProLine G2 Lifting Eyes
Bulletin Number: P40

Lifting Eyes are used for lifting ProLine G2 modular frames and for fastening ProLine G2 top accessories to the frame.

ProLine G2 Lifting Angles
Bulletin Number: P40

Lifting angles fasten into the steel corner blocks of a modular enclosure or joined modular enclosures to facilitate overhead lifting.

ProLine G2 Frame Floor-Mounting Bracket
Bulletin Number: P40

Provides a structural method of bolting a ProLine G2 frame to the floor.

ProLine G2 Frame Reducing Brackets
Bulletin Number: P40

Frame-Reducing Brackets are used to reduce wider frames to 600mm, allowing 19-in. rack angles to fit.

ProLine G2 Wire Management Rails
Bulletin Number: P40

Wire Management Rails are 14 gauge steel with a plated finish. They feature a unique hole pattern that allows either wire ties or fasteners to secure wires in place. Frame-mounting hardware is included. One package contains 20 rails.

ProLine G2 Frame Accessory Bracket
Bulletin Number: P40

Frame Accessory Brackets mount directly to the ProLine G2 frame and are used in place of rack angles to mount rack accessories such as shelves and pull-out shelves.

ProLine G2 Fastener Packages
Bulletin Number: P40

ProLine G2 Fastener Packages can be ordered if extra or alternate fasteners are required.

ProLine G2 Center Upright

Center Uprights are vertical channels that attach to the frame (top and bottom). They are frequently used in wider frames to facilitate the installation of 19-in. rack accessories.

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