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1-Piece Flush-Mount Floor Brush Kit with Cover and Two-Stage Sealing

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    Flush-Mount Floor Brush Kit with Cover is a heavy-duty two-stage sealing system. Brush and EPDM gasket provide the most effective air seal. Heavy-duty, integrated safety cover allows installation of the grommet during the construction phase and eliminates the risk of injury by stepping through the grommet opening. OSHA jobsite standards require open holes in floor panels to be covered. Easy-to-install system integrates with the access floor static dissipative system. NEC, UL and NEMA require safety covers and cable protection against sharp edges.


    These Floor Brush Kits provide convenient, safe passage of cables from under a data center raised floor into a cabinet or rack. The overlapping brushes conform around the cables and block the flow of cold air. This improves data center efficiency and reduces operating costs by minimizing or eliminating up to 90 percent of cold air leakage through the raised floor cutout.


  • Blocks up to 90 percent of cold air leakage around power and data cables
  • Flush mounts provide a low profile and grommet to raised-floor panel cutouts (required by NEC and NFPA)
  • Surface mount provides an easy-to-use retrofit to existing raised-floor cutouts
  • Adjustable flush mount provides an extra-large cable capacity and can be cut to size to fit the application
  • Overlapping bristles conform around data and power cables to minimize air leakage through raised floor and improve overall data center cooling efficiency
  • Reduction of cold air loss through raised-floor plenums helps to increase under floor static pressure
  • Cover provides protection during build out
  • Smooth, rounded low-profile flush mount edges protect cables from sharp raised-floor edges
  • Two-piece surface mount and adjustable floor brush kits have self-sticking adhesive to expedite installation
  • Raised-floor tiles need not be removed for installation
  • Brush kits can also be used on cabinets or other locations that need to provide cable egress and prevent air leakage or contaminants from entering
  • Self-tapping screws included
  • Specifications:

  • ABS polycarbonate housing
  • Nylon polymer bristles
  • EPDM gasket
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    Catalog Number Description Cable Egress in.
    Catalog Number Description Cable Egress in.
    Flush-Mount Floor Brush Kit with Cover 7.49 x 4.86