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Splitter Trough, Type 1
Bulletin Number: S90T
RoHS Flag: Yes

With pre-installed terminal blocks for three- and four-wire power distribution systems, this trough splits feeder circuit conductors into multiple branch circuit conductors.

Metering, Type 1
Bulletin Number: M1
RoHS Flag: Yes

This enclosure houses metering transformers and instrument assemblies in indoor applications. HQ models meet Hydro-Québec requirements. It includes one pre-punched accessory, one potential transformer and one current transformer panel.

Splitter Box, Type 1
Bulletin Number: S90B
RoHS Flag: No

Pagoda tops are designed to be used with Hoffman’s Impeller packages. Pagoda tops include aluminum dampers and a stainless steel mesh to prevent the ingress of debris. Solid tops are designed to be used with a closed-loop cooling solution.

Splitter Box Block Assemblies
Bulletin Number: S90Y
RoHS Flag: Yes
Ground Splitter (Ground Bar)
Bulletin Number: S90Y
RoHS Flag: Yes