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ProLine FloTek FD (Floor Ducted) Server Cabinet

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    The ProLine FloTek FD Server Cabinet uses the cooling power of two banks of independently-powered fans in the back of the cabinet and an integral front floor duct to direct air into server intakes when positioned over a cutout in a raised data center floor. The cabinet air inlet requires alignment with a floor cutout so blocking plates can direct cool air from the floor plenum across the front of the equipment.

    Industry Standards:

    <ullist>UL Listed to UL 508A File Number E61997 cUL Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 14-18</ullist> EIA 310-D (RU – Rack Unit spacing, marking, and positioning) IEC 60529, IP20 Perforated doors meet or exceed manufactures open space/air flow ventilation requirements


  • 16 or 14 gauge steel front door frame, rear door, sides and cover
  • Welded 12 gauge steel frame
  • Window is made of .125-in. thick acrylic
  • Rack angles have square holes with EIA 310-D spacing
  • Duct flange in base for connecting to floor duct
  • Features:

  • Front window door provides a view of equipment inside the enclosure without opening the door
  • Six 6-in. fans with integral finger guards in the rear doors pull floor-ducted air through cabinet and exhaust it to hot aisle
  • Fans provide up to 1400 CFM airflow
  • Fans on each door can be independently powered to provide redundant cooling
  • Blocking plates inside the cabinet on both sides and the top prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air
  • Solid top helps direct airflow across equipment
  • Sliding gland plate in top covers large opening that allows easy routing of network cables, pre-terminated cables and patch panels
  • Models without sides fit together quickly for easy installation in ganged applications
  • Three-point locking pushbutton swing handle on front door provides easy but controlled access; two keys included.
  • Rear doors are split for easy access and include a low-profile, locking swing handle
  • Two sets of 19-in. square-hole rack angles with EIA universal spacing support both front and rear of equiment
  • Includes mobile base with casters and anti-tip bracket to facilitate moving cabinet into position
  • Mounting hardware (20 each of 10-32 screws and cage nuts) is included
  • Load Ratings:

  • Static Load Rating: 2500 lb. (1134 kg)
  • A cabinet has a static load when: it is in its final, permanent, fully secured location; its levelers are fully extended; the anti-tip bracket is installed; its load is uniformly applied to the two sets of rack-mounting angles, and; the casters are not supporting any load (use the casters only to move the cabinet to its final location before loading)
  • Never move a cabinet with its maximum static load applied.
  • Casters Maximum Load: 1000 lb. (453 kg)
  • Exercise care when using casters to move the cabinet. Do not use casters to move a cabinet with more than 1000 lb. (453 kg) load. Avoid tipping and damage to the cabinet and its contents by slowly moving the cabinet on its casters across smooth, flat flooring. Avoid obstructions such as: large cracks; floor displacement; seams; gravel
  • Never use casters while transporting a cabinet by truck on roadways.
  • Contact Hoffman if further information is needed.
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    Catalog Number A mm B mm C mm Rack Units Sides Rack Angle
    Catalog Number A mm B mm C mm Rack Units Sides Rack Angle
    2085 599 899 42 With sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 899 42 Without sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 999 42 With sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 999 42 Without sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 1099 42 With sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 1099 42 Without sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 1199 42 With sides PRA1920THL1
    2085 599 1199 42 Without sides PRA1920THL1