Weather Resistant (outdoor)

Weather Resistant Outdoor

Tough Protection for
Rough Conditions

Need outdoor enclosures that can stand up to the harshest elements? nVent HOFFMAN delivers with reliable outside plant (OSP) solutions. We provide wireless and wireline protection such as advanced cabinet architecture, cooling, surge suppression and cable/copper/fiber management for high-density equipment environments. Our capabilities also include aluminum enclosure fabrication, painting, assembly, seismic protection, EMC shielding, security, corrosion resistance, access engineering, power conversion and multi-component systems integration. And every choice comes with the confidence that our products undergo comprehensive testing to ensure reliable field performance — from UL and CSA client certification programs to thermal cycling chambers to salt fog, UV and EMI/RFI testing.

We Reliably Protect:

Outdoor Industrial Controls Mobile Telecommunications Railway Signals
Solar Combiner Boxes Traffic Toll Systems Outdoor Electrical Junctions