Washdown / Corrosive

Washdown Corrosive

Best-Selling Selection of
Harsh Condition Protection

Turn to nVent HOFFMAN for the widest selection of corrosive wash-down protection. We offer hundreds of non-metallic enclosures in ABS, polyester, polycarbonate and fiberglass to safeguard controls and electrical systems from damaging acids, alkalis and solvents. Our nVent HOFFMAN HyShed and Watershed Stainless Steel Enclosures protect automation assets from high-pressure hose water and caustic cleaning chemicals, and they’re NSF® certified for sanitary Food & Beverage processing. We also offer complementary products for all your corrosive / wash-down protection needs.

We Reliably Protect:

Water Treatment Pump Controls Meat Processing Equipment Food Packaging Automation
Outdoor Irrigation Systems Chemical Manufacturing Ship Loading Systems