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Webinar Series

Increase productivity by learning from the Experts

nVent HOFFMAN continually offers free webinars across various industries and applications. Our webinars are designed to help you learn about best practices increasing productivity, ratings and standards, and industry trends.  Available both live and on-demand, nVent HOFFMAN webinars help customers be more knowledgeable of equipment protection and design.

Below are links to upcoming webinars, plus recorded presentations that include topics such as Food & Beverage, Safety Applications, and Data Networking. Enjoy the presentations and keep checking for new topics that are added.

Upcoming Webinars

rain storm impact coconut tree,strong wind with gray sky before tornado,typhoon,or hurricane come.

Extreme Environments Need Extreme Defense

Thursday, December 8, 2022 | 10:30 AM CST

Rain. Snow. Sleet. Wind, Hail. Salt Spray. Acids. Alkalis. Solvents. Controls need to operate no matter where they are deployed, regardless of how extreme the environment. Making sure controls are enclosed in easily accessed control cabinets with confidence they will stay protected is the desire of engineers and maintenance personnel alike. Join us as we look at some of the challenges faced, and the solutions proposed for these applications.

2022 Webinar Schedule






Friday, February 25, 2022

10:30 AM CST

Residential Solar Applications


Thursday, March 10, 2022

10:30 AM CST

Effects of Heat on Industrial Cabinets


Thursday, April 21, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Labor Savings in Challenging Markets


Thursday, May 19, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Oil and Gas Applications


Thursday, June 9, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Food Grade Ratings for Food Processing Equipment


Thursday, July 21, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Cooling Components in Data Centers


Thursday, August 18, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Industrial Electrical Safety


Thursday, October 6, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Industrial Ratings and Standards


Thursday, October 20, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Industrial Ethernet Control


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

10:30 AM CDT

Simplifying Working Safely: Joint Webinar with Panduit and Rockwell Automation


Thursday, December 1, 2022

10:30 AM CST

Hybrid Cooling (Liquid and Air)


Thursday, December 8, 2022

10:30 AM CST

Extreme Environments Need Extreme Defense



Past Industrial Webinars


Simplifying Working Safely: Joint Webinar with Panduit and Rockwell Automation

To mitigate risk in electrical applications, it is imperative to simplify the process of working safely on enclosures. OSHA 29 CFR 1910, subpart S, and NFPA 70E recognizes arc flash as a known Hazard, and charges employers to keep their workers safe. Join Panduit, nVent HOFFMAN and Rockwell Automation as we will address engineering controls that isolate and disconnect line voltage, and verify absence of voltage in the control enclosure. Together, Panduit , nVent HOFFMAN and Rockwell Automation create solutions that help to improve safety, increase reliability, and ensure uptime in a variety of Industrial applications.

Industrial Ratings and Standards

We look at some of the changes and proposed changes to common standards that affect industrial control panels.

Industrial Electrical Safety

NFPA publishes reports documenting how many people every year are injured or perish from electrical safety incidents in the workplace. In this webinar, we will review some of the best practices as documented in NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 and look at how nVent HOFFMAN is providing products for a safer workplace.

Food Grade Ratings for Food Processing Equipment

Public health has become a major focus around the world with the focus on preventing the spread of diseases. In many countries, policies for food safety have been in place for decades, some have been more recent, and some have very little regulation. In this webinar we will compare food safety regulations in three different countries to show similarities. 


Oil and Gas Applications

When working in oil and gas areas it is imperative to remove one of the three elements of the fire triangle from enclosures housing electronics. In this webinar, we will be talking about ATEX, IECex, AEX (NEC505), and NEC500. All of these seek to add safety to working environments and prevent explosions, but they do so with different definitions. Large Oil and Gas producers often adopt one set of regulations worldwide so when their workers show up on a site, they do not have to question which set of regulations they are working with.

01-panel_shop_overview (1).jpg image

Labor Savings in Challenging Markets

We have seen unprecedented supply chain disruptions affecting labor sourcing and costs throughout the world. Join us on April 21, 2022, to discuss trends and steps nVent is taking to help panel builders address these issues.

Effects of Heat on Industrial Cabinets

Electronics are sensitive to heat. As control panels become smarter, more electronic devices make their way into the protected environment of the control enclosure. In this webinar, we will look at the effects of heat on components in the control cabinet and where that heat is generated. We will also propose ways to minimize the heat and prolong system uptime. 

Residential Solar Applications

As alternative energy sources gain more traction, people are beginning to see the need for standards that keep homeowners and their property safe. In this evolving area of consumer demand, the photovoltaic installation needs to be done with the care and concern of the homeowner in mind. Join us as we look at this blossoming new opportunity to generate clean energy.


Protecting Equipment in Highly Corrosive Environments

From coastal applications to fertilizer manufacturing to cleaning solutions in a food application, automation controls need to be protected. What are the right materials for the enclosure? How do we cool it down to prevent catastrophic failure? These and other questions will be addressed in this webinar.

Photo montage of two electric pylons with a large industrial building in background

Power and Utilities

Enclosures form the backbone of power distribution to homes, schools, businesses, and everywhere there is a light or power outlet. In multi-tenant buildings, there is a need for current transformer cabinets to split the power to the meters the determine proper billing based on usage. Utility junction cabinets bring power to residential neighborhoods. With the new initiative of “The Electrification of Everything,” this demand will continue to grow.


How to Reduce Costs in Harsh & Corrosive Environments

Using cheap or improper materials in a corrosive environment can not only lead to premature failure but add substantial costs of repair, maintenance, or replacement to keep your operations running.


ATEX, IECex, and AEX Certifications

With the global adoption of IECex in many countries worldwide, there has been a push to get the US on board to minimize confusion in Hazardous locations. We will go through IECex, ATEX, and the NEC 505 AEX to show how far the efforts to harmonize standards have come.

Dark blue tunnel with pattern of glowing spiral lines, abstract digital graphic background, 3d illustration

Active Cooling and Passive Cooling in Industrial Enclosures

Overheating of electrical equipment shortens life and could lead to catastrophic failure. When seasons turn from cooler to warmer, the need for industrial cooling increases. In this webinar we will look at determining the surface area required to dissipate heat generated by internal electrical equipment, allowing us to understand the temperature rise inside the enclosure.


Labor Savings Efforts to Keep New Construction Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Qualified personnel are a company’s greatest asset. Keeping employees working efficiently on the parts of their job that are most valuable, is good for both workers and the company. Join nVent HOFFMAN and nVent CADDY to learn about current market trends and discover how our innovative solutions provide on-the-job labor savings. 

Sewage treatment plant - aerial view

Water Wastewater Applications

In every community, there is a need for potable water. In every community, there is a need to sanitize the wastewater so it does not negatively impact the environment. Municipalities rely on their utility department to reliably manage Sanitary/Sewer Systems and keep the public safe. We will look at some of the challenges they face and provide some potential answers to some of those challenges.

NVENT-IMG-H87983-FoodandbeverageBWR-EN-2201_2.jpg image

Panel Session: Food & Beverage Best Practices and the IP69K Rating

Join our panel of technical experts as they answer your questions about food & beverage best practices and the IP69K rating.


Panel Session: Hazardous Locations & Corrosive Atmospheres

Our panel of technical experts answers your questions about hazardous location standards, and material selection to minimize the effects of corrosive atmospheres on enclosures and the components they protect.

NVENT-IMG-H87983-FoodandbeverageBWR2-EN-2201.jpg image

Hygienic Food Processing - Keeping Food Safe

Equipment used in the processing of food and beverages must be sterilized before and remain sterile during production. When designing processing equipment there are many basic requirements to consider: the equipment must have the capability of being cleaned thoroughly, and it is highly advantageous to carry a food-grade rating.


digitalization red webminar.jpg

Drawing File Preparation Tips & Guidance

Tips & guidance on the best ways to format and send drawings in order to ensure drawings are approved as quickly as possible. Join our panel of technical experts as they answer your questions about what needs to be on a drawing when it is initially submitted to avoid delays.


Changes in Equipment and Safety Standards Affecting the Industrial Industry

Everything changes with time, including equipment and safety standards. Join us as we look toward some of the recent changes in standards that affect industrial control panels and working around them.

remote control.png image

Panel Session: Remote Access Control and Interconnectivity in Industrial Environments

Join our panel of technical experts as they answer your questions about Remote Access Control and Interconnectivity in Industrial Environments.


Panel Session: Industrial Cooling

Join our panel of technical experts as they answer your questions about Industrial Cooling.

Cooling Selection Tool Mockup

Effectively Reducing Downtime in Manufacturing & Processing Applications

Join us as we discuss the effects of heat on components, we will go through a tool to help you determine what your cost of downtime is (based on your specific inputs), and help you understand the cooling tool we have available to help you choose the right cooling product for your application.


Barrier Panels: What they are, what they are not, and what they mean for your safety procedures

Are you up to speed on the latest trends in enclosure and equipment design? Join us as we discuss the biggest trends in equipment protection heading in 2020. 

Past Data Solutions Webinars

Data Center Liquid Cooling Mission Critical Campaign

Hybrid Cooling (Liquid and Air)

Join us as Matt Archibald talks about recent innovations and legacy innovations that have helped Data Centers keep servers running at an optimal temperature. We will address the fear of water and electronics being in close proximity. We will also look at products that nVent HOFFMAN has taken to provide products and systems to keep the electronics cool and dry.

Draft-nVent-WEBNR-H87181-Datacenterimage-EN-2106.jpg image

Cooling Components in Data Centers

Data drives us. Communication is continuous. Information is constantly being transferred to the cloud and back. All of those compute cycles create heat in the servers which needs to be dissipated to keep the servers from overheating. Come join us as we hear from Matt Archibald as he speaks about the changing nature of cooling in Data Centers.


Security Applications

Cameras are everywhere. In some municipalities, police have employed not only cameras but “shot detectors” to make sure their cameras are facing the right direction during an event. Remote security at power transformers ensures that people do not tamper with equipment and assume they will get away with it. Outdoor building security needs the cameras to be protected. We will look at different applications and how we can help ensure critical infrastructure is secure.

A closeup of a seismograph machine needle drawing a red line on graph paper depicting seismic and eartquake activity - 3D render

Deploying Equipment in Seismic Zones

Seismic activity has caused many municipalities to enact requirements of mission-critical infrastructure. nVent has decades of experience in seismic areas and has developed products to meet the demanding needs of these areas. Join us as we look at some of the innovative solutions on the market to keep equipment safe in seismic zones.


Datacom: From Data Centers to Edge Computing

It has often been said that the mobile phones we have today had more computing power than the computer that landed the Apollo spacecraft on the moon. Dr. Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, stated that semiconductor transistor speed is doubling every 18 to 24 months. Today we have become dependent upon electronics, and the more we consume, the more infrastructure needs to be in place to support the demand. We will look at trends and how nVent is positioned to help the infrastructure need.

Abstract background of wires and glowing particles

Fiber to the Exchange, Fiber to the Home

Remote offices, remote schools, and orders to stay at home have taxed the infrastructure in many communities. The increased bandwidth needs have prompted many to upgrade their home service prompting the data vendors to upgrade and expand their networks. Fiber optic cables that deliver high-speed data service are now becoming the norm in many major cities. We will look at the challenges and infrastructure necessary to bring fiber to the home.

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication.

5G and Where We Fit in the Telecomm Market

How 5G works, how it works in conjunction with the existing 4G network, and how nVent products complement and protect the equipment that is the backbone of the systems. The future of communication and the internet continues to evolve. 5G is the latest iteration of the network that carries the packets and signals from one device to another.

data communication.jpg

Emerging Trends in Data Communications Applications

Data communications bandwidth has never been as utilized as it has, since the onset of so many people working remotely. We will look at the trends and directions that this global shakeup in the workforce has set in motion and the need for a robust infrastructure to support it.

IDF-Rooms-Image-1-Updated.jpg image

Networking IDF Solutions

Please join us for a review of the nVent HOFFMAN DataCom industrial networking and intermediate distribution frame portfolio. We’ll be reviewing what the industrial networking market looks like, terms/classifications, and the nVent products available in this space.


Advanced Cooling Technologies

As chip densities increase, customers are looking for new technologies and solutions to help overcome the heat challenges to support next-generation IT systems. This also includes new methods for IT deployments, especially around Edge Computing, where IT systems are deployed in non-traditional locations. This session will cover the different solutions and technologies within the nVent portfolio and how nVent is continuing to connect and protect IT systems in a changing world.


DNS Racks and Cabinet Overview

We’re going back to the basics. Please join us for a review of the nVent Hoffman DataCom rack and cabinet portfolio. We’ll be reviewing open-frame racks, closed racks, wall-mount cabinets, and get a sneak peek into what’s coming.

data-center-rack-power-distribution-unit-PDU-market-400x225.jpg image

PDUs and Guardian Gateway

Please join us to learn about smart connectivity for nVent products. Topics will include Guardian Management Gateway, supporting remote management and monitoring of critical parameters, next-level power distribution with pre-configured standard PDUs, and advanced sales pitch to address smart power management requirements.


Data Center Cooling: Rear Door and In-Row

Please join us to learn about trends in Data Center Cooling and nVent’s High Precision Cooling Products. Topics will include In Row Coolers, Active and Passive Rear Door Coolers, how to sell them, as well as current projects.