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Solar Power Generation


Solar panels on a residential home up close.

nVent HOFFMAN understands installers’ needs and challenges. That’s why we offer high-quality, installer-focused products at competitive prices, that deliver with some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

Whether residential, commercial, or utility size applications, nVent HOFFMAN has solar transition, combiner, and junction boxes, that help complete your Balance-of-System.

  • Competitive solar solutions that create a reliable seal and clean aesthetics whether on a shingle roof, exterior wall or other application.
  • Features like integrated flashing and self-contained screws provide a consistent, fast and easy installation.
  • Lightweight, non-rusting plastic provides an easy to modify and simple to install solar solution.
  • Shortest lead times available supporting your need to move fast.


RJ Solar Rooftop Junction Box

RU-2 RU-2-LP Card 300x300.png image

RU Solar String Transition Box

CUF Solar Combiner Box

RF Solar Combiner Box

WeatherFlo HD Enclosures

Wireway Solutions

Pull and Junction Boxes

Non-Metallic Wall-Mount Enclosures


Solar Solutions Catalog

Solar Energy Solutions Brochure

Solar Solutions Flyer

Enclosures for Solar Applications Whitepaper

RJ-1 Solar Rooftop Combiner Data Sheet

RU-2-LP Solar Combiner Data Sheet