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Power Distribution & Management

RackPower Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDUs) deliver smart and reliable power management for a broad range of applications.

  • RackPower PDUs can be configured to suit all of your requirements with basic, metered, switched, and combination metered/switched models available
  • Fully configurable number and type of outlet combinations available
  • Hot-swappable, field replaceable high-accuracy meter and power module, minimizing downtime for service
  • Efficient latching relays to ensure sequential start up and remote power cycling
  • Full accessory options including environmental sensors, external door-mount displays, and IP gateway hardware
  • Free RackPower Manager software supports remote management of up to 720 PDUs

Products | 2 results (2 items)

PDU Mounting Bracket

PDU mounting brackets allow PDUs to be installed to the cabinet frame or rack angles using many different configurations.
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PDU Mounting Bracket, 3.48x5.67x2.38, Black, Mild Steel

PDU Bracket Kit

PDU Bracket Kit provides support for power distribution units within a rack.
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PDU Bracket Kit, Black, Mild Steel