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Junction / Terminal Boxes

nVent HOFFMAN provides reliable solutions that are consistently in-stock to help protect electronic or terminal wire connections

  • Locally available and ideal for a broad range of applications
  • Efficient design and construction that saves time
  • Meets ratings of NEMA, UL, and IEC standards organizations

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ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure

Zonex Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure is ideal for termination in hazardous location maintaining certification.
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ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure, 250x255x120mm, Black, Fiberglass
ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure, 250x400x120mm, Black, Fiberglass

RU Solar String Transition Box

RU Residential Transition Boxes enable installers to transition strings to conduit, reducing costs.
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RU Solar String Transition Box, 7.01x7.01x3.13, Light Gray, Polycarbonate