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Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Junction Boxes

Non-metallic junction boxes provide unique benefits for challenging environments at competitive costs

  • Aesthetically pleasing and outstanding protection against corrosion and the elements, whether indoor or outdoor
  • Lightweight when compared with metal alternatives
  • Fiberglass has excellent protection against corrosion and the elements
  • Polyester performs well in harsh chemical environments, weather extremes and corrosive environments
  • Polycarbonate is a molded, impact resistant material
  • ABS shares properties with polycarbonate but is a more economical, non-UL rated alternative

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RU Solar String Transition Box

RU Residential Transition Boxes enable installers to transition strings to conduit, reducing costs.
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RU Solar String Transition Box, 9.31x7.31x3.13, Light Gray, Fiberglass