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Food & Beverage


Protect critical electrical equipment during wash-down cleaning procedures to prevent product contamination and clean quickly

nVent HOFFMAN’s hygienic design enclosures and accessories are designed for customers in Food & Beverage applications as well as operations in other sanitary environments. A vital aspect of these environments is to clean and sanitize the plant and equipment for products to be free of microbiological, chemical, foreign particles, and cross-contamination. Equipment with non-sanitary designs are difficult to clean. The hygienic design of nVent HOFFMAN enclosures and accessories makes carrying out these jobs faster and easier.

  • Enclosures that simplify sanitary wash-down cleaning procedures
  • Gaskets with proper sealing paired with hygienic enclosure design to prevent water ingress to prevent harboring of bacteria
  • We also offer climate controls that protect against condensation while maintaining internal electrical components longer
  • Wide-range of hygienic enclosures – IP66, IP69 and IP69K ingress protection – to meet your smallest and toughest challenges

nVent HOFFMAN helps customers to simplify sanitary processes, prevent product contamination and increase uptime.

Food & Beverage Interactive Tool

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