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Express Customization

Days matter. We ship within 10.

    Express Customization allows customers to modify nVent HOFFMAN's most popular enclosures with 2D holes and cutouts and add paint - all shipped in 10 days. 

    • Select from more than 1,500 of our most popular enclosure and panel models
    • Add 2D holes and cutouts where you need them
    • Choose your paint from a 28-color palette, including OSHA safety colors

    It is all about speed
    nVent HOFFMAN can help modify standard products through our Express Customization service, designed for maximum speed and efficiency.

    The process is fast and accurate, and is based on customer drawings. Above all, the service is all about speed, which means delivery can be made between 5 to 10 working days, subject to product and modification center availability.​

    The services offered include cut-outs, such as rectangular, circular and other types in any part of the body or door of an enclosure, and holes and threaded holes in different dimensions. 

    The product ranges that can be processed include mild steel and stainless steel floor-standing and wall-mounted enclosures, plus terminal boxes in several different materials, as well as many accessories, such as side panels.

    If an enclosure is needed even faster, Express modifications are also available through nVent HOFFMAN's network of distributors. Customers can choose an off-the-shelf enclosure, add 2D holes and cutouts, and receive your enclosure in just few days from a value Hoffman Certified Modification Center partner.


    Express Customization Brochure

    Express Customization Brochure

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