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Commercial Buildings

nVent HOFFMAN has the most cost-effective, readily available solutions

Commercial contractors responsible for electrical installation have simple priorities: get the job done right, safely – and quickly. With nVent HOFFMAN’s superior line products that are suitable for thousands of electrical applications, contractors can focus more on meeting project deadlines, and less on procuring the right components.

  • Full breadth of portfolio to serve the commercial market

  • Constantly Innovating, creating the most cost effective solutions like  the angled trough, pullbox extender, and screw-pullbox trough 

  • Available through local electrical distributors, and with nine regional warehouses

  • Engineered and manufactured to the highest UL and NEMA standards to provide superior protection for critical components 

We deliver what you expect – a full breadth of solutions you can rely on, with cost-saving features, and available when you need it.  

Commercial Enclosures

<span>Medium Hinged-Cover, Type 1</span>

Medium Hinged-Cover, Type 1

<span>Screw-Cover Drip-Shield, Type 3R</span>

Screw-Cover Drip-Shield, Type 3R

<span>Screw-Cover, Type 1</span>

Screw-Cover, Type 1

<span>Horizontal-Mount, Type 3R</span>

Horizontal-Mount, Type 3R


<span>Straight Section, Lay-in Hinged-Cover, Type 1</span>

Straight Section, Lay-in Hinged-Cover, Type 1

<span>Straight Section, Lay-in Flat-Cover, Type 1</span>

Straight Section, Lay-in Flat-Cover, Type 1

<span>Screw-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 3R</span>

Screw-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 3R

<span>Angled Trough, Type 1</span>

Angled Trough, Type 1

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