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Personal Wiring Assistant 6000

  • Human Machine Interface with modern operating solution with 21.5-inch touchscreen,
  • The machine has automated wire feeding with 12 different wires
  • An external accessory is available for storage of additional wires that can feed the machine reducing the switching times
  • Electropneumatic stripper and crimping with 5-way magazine for processing insulated wire end ferrules on a reel
  • Crimping length can be adjusted either to 8 mm or alternatively 10 mm
  • The finished wires can include ferrules on both ends without manual intervention
  • Wire marking system with direct printing on the wire to mark the source and target identification on each end of the wire, while the wires are marked with blue ink so it is suitable for almost all wire colours and avoids the use of two printers
  • Processable wires with a cross-section from 0,5 mm² up to 2,5 mm² (AWG 20-14) can be processed without set-up times
  • Speed of 120 wires/hour including ferrules on both sides of the wire
  • Machine software includes Personal Wiring Suit as an intuitive programming system for the PWA6000 to produce the wires
  • An external accessory is available for storage of finished wires and transport to the panel shop
  • This accessory has a screen to visualize the panel wiring by providing the source and target plus the routing in the panel
  • Interfaces with eCAD software (IGE XAO,ePlan ProPanel, ZUKEN E3, WS-CAD or similar), or CSV Excel file
  • Rated voltage: 240 V, 1~, 50 Hz
  • Rated current: 16 Amps
  • Compressed air: 6-8 bar, suction capacity 300 l/min
  • Machine footprint is 41.34 (1050mm) wide by 45.28 (1150mm) deep
  • Ferrules are optional, wires can also proceed without ferrules
  • Machine can cut isolation for easy removal of wire isolation
  • Wires can be feed from different cable batch containers
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Personal Wiring Assistant PWA6000


  • Wire Size: #20 - #14 / 0.5 mm² min


Wire Processing Center optimizes the production of wires reducing the processing time up to 75%. The PWA6000 fully automates the cutting to length, stripping, crimping, marking and bundling of the wires boosting productivity and ensuring consistent and precise quality. The machine has an internal, automated wire feeding with 12 spools for different wires(4 external and 8 internal) that reduces the switching time. An external accessory is available for storage of additional wires that can feed the machine without using the internal spools reducing the switching times. The machine places the ferrules on both sides and marks the wires. The finished wires are bundled on adhesive tapes, in a predefined order, to optimize order picking. The fully automated process of prefabrication wires optimizes the panel wiring process and thereby reduces costs.

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