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Personal Wiring Assistant 5000

  • Wires are cut to the exact length, with ferrules installed (if necessary)
  • Machine software provides visual direction for wire connection to components
  • Wires are labeled with terminal information for effortless ID of connection point (optional)
  • 120 wires per hour (both ends ferruled)
  • Wire gauge AWG 20-14 (0.5 mm² – 2.5 mm²)
  • Magazine can hold up to 8 different cables
  • Spools can be stored inside machine body for easy moving trough workshop
  • An external accessory is available for storage of fi nished wires and transport to the panelshop
  • This accessory has a screen to visualize the panel wiring by providing the source and targetplus the routing in the panel
  • Interface for projects generated with almost all available CAD and E-planning systems in themarket can be processed directly on the machine software, using .CSV or .XLS fi les
  • Ferrules are optional, wires can also proceed without ferrules
  • Machine can cut isolation for easy removal of wire isolation
  • Wires can be feed from different cable batch containers
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Personal Wiring Assistant PWA5000


  • Wire Size: #20 - #14 / 0.5 – 2.5 mm²


The Personal Wiring Assistant, PWA5000 revolutionizes wiring productivity at your facility. Compared to traditional wiring methods, the Personal Wiring Assistant delivers the right wire, when you need it, in a fraction of the time. Instead of workers spending hours prepping wire for installation, automated wire prep can now be done at the same time as install, saving time and money.

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