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SpectraCool Remote Access Control

Increases Visibility and Reduces Operational Cost

Peace of Mind with SpectraCool Remote Access Control

Adding Remote Access Control to your cooling system increases visibility for alarms from cooling systems across all global locations, hence you can address issues before any damage is caused to critical manufacturing components. This also helps to improve the maintenance efficiency as you can remotely adjust temp settings and eliminate manual functionality check-ups. All of these factors combined will help to minimize downtime and reduce the operational cost!


Key Benefits

  • Visibility: Access to all cooling devices across all global locations from a single network.
  • Immediate Detection: Identify failure and address issues immediately immunizes downtime.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Reduce the chance of failure and replacement and minimize downtime.
  • Increased Maintenance Efficiency: Remotely adjust temp settings and eliminate manual functionality checks.
  • Increased Safety: Added mitigation of injury or incident by monitoring enclosure door sensor alarms.

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