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ProLine Mechanical Interlock, Extension Kit

  • Brackets, rods and fasteners are heavy gauge steel.
  • No drilling or layout work is required to install
  • Works with both side-to-side and front-to-back configurations
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ProLine Mechanical Interlock


  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Color: Unpainted
  • Finish: Plated
  • Weight: 2 lb


The ProLine and ProLine G2 Mechanical Interlock can be actuated by any ProLine or ProLine G2 solid or disconnect door in a multiple-bay enclosure system. Up to ten doors, including window doors, can be interlocked. The interlock device engages the door at the center to provide maximum security. The Primary door can be positioned in any location. Only after the Primary door is opened can Secondary doors be opened. The interlock system is modular and easy to assemble.

The Front-to-Back Interlock is used to interlock the rear doors of an enclosure in conjunction with a Primary Door Actuator Kit and a Secondary Door Kit. When the Primary Door Actuator Kit on the front of the enclosure is activated (by a solid or disconnect Primary door) and the Front-to-Back Kit linkage is in place, the pivot bracket is pulled, which activates the Secondary Door Kit to interlock the back doors of the enclosure with the front doors.

For Catalog No. PMLMAK, order 1 for Primary door.

For Catalog No. PMLSK, order 1 for each slave door (will accommodate single door, window door and overlapping door).



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