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Building electrical panels? We are focused on boosting your productivity

Are you a panel builder, machine builder or system integrator building panels? At nVent HOFFMAN we are focused on boosting your panel shop productivity. Our offer includes a comprehensive range of modular electrical enclosures, digital tools to support engineering, and machines for panel shop automation. The products are designed to save time and labour at all stages of your operation and reduce your panel building costs.

Panel Shop Automation

nVent HOFFMAN has the solutions you need to optimize your panel shop production. Engineering and planning tools, easy to assemble modular enclosures, plus labor-saving machines for panel shop automation will all contribute to making your business highly competitive.

Digital tools speed up engineering and planning

Our web-based product configurator enables your engineers to specify the exact enclosure configurations needed to host the required components and equipment. The configurators will provide bills of material and instant pricing for standard and customized products.

We also offer libraries for CAD/CAE applications, such as EPLAN, drawings in any native format, product data sheets, and installation instructions through PDFs or animated videos. Also available is software for thermal management and power distribution and white papers that help engineers deal with complex issues.

Orders can be placed through EDI or eCommerce solutions while product availability and pending orders can be monitored in real-time.

Highly versatile modular enclosures ensure fast assembly

Your assembly personnel will appreciate our modular enclosures. The floor-standing family is available in various materials – mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and includes three different construction types, perfectly adaptable to any accessibility requirements.

The enclosures come with a wide range of accessories with one major advantage. They can all be mounted throughout the floor-standing product line regardless of material and construction.

The compatibility of our accessories significantly reduces the complexity for engineers and assembly staff who work with our portfolio, resulting in fast assembly.

Our latest click-in fixation solutions are designed to give fast assembly turnaround and increase your competitive edge. For floor-standing enclosures, it is estimated that up to 14 minutes can be saved when two modular enclosures are bayed compared with traditional designs.

Our click-in technology has been tested according to the strictest standards to guarantee the enclosure’s loading and lifting capacity, and performance in high vibration environments.

Substantial time reductions are achieved when using click-in side panels, click-in baying brackets, click-in filler plates or click-in profile systems for the assembly of different types of equipment. No tools or cage nuts are needed.

Panel Shop Automation to boost productivity

The market-leading solutions in our Panel Shop Automation program are designed to help you boost your bottom line by automating labor-intensive operations.

The benefits are impressive. Higher productivity with improved operator safety, higher quality with defects virtually eliminated, and greater flexibility. Best of all, savings can be as much as 80% in some of the main processes. Our Panel Shop Automation program includes three groups of equipment that replace manual processing. Examples of operations that can be automated are shown in the table below.

Enclosure Modification
Our enclosure modification machines ensure precise, repeatable holes and cutouts. DXF or DWG based software allows easy import of drawings or drag-and-drop drawing creation, and the high-frequency spindle drive enables fast, accurate material processing. Reductions in labor of up to 80% can be achieved compared with traditional machining.

Rail and Cable Duct Cutting
Drawings can be imported into the rail and cable duct cutting machine software, from which a simplified cut list is provided. The machine makes work easier for the operator by measuring the DIN rail or cable duct. It also prints an identification label for each part. Time savings of around 60% can be achieved here compared with traditional cutting.

Wire Processing
Our wire processing machines deliver the right wire fast, precisely when the operator needs it. The unmatched advantage of the nVent HOFFMAN solution is that it visualizes the “route of the wire” on the mounting plate, based on input from CAE systems. With the high amount of wiring on a control cabinet, the savings in time are considerable. Our offering includes machines with different levels of automation, and for centralized and decentralized use. Time savings of up to 75% can be achieved with the PWA-6000 compared with traditional wire processing.

nVent HOFFMAN is the only player in the market that can supply a fully automated decentralized wiring solution suitable for one-off production. It is ideal for direct use in the panel shop or prefabrication for future use.

Our approach to panel shop productivity is total

Your success is our business – we are committed to raising your productivity. All the products in our comprehensive portfolio for panel builders are designed with this in mind. They will save time in your operation, reduce your production costs, and help boost your bottom line.