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Photo montage of two electric pylons with a large industrial building in background

Off-the-shelf solutions to meet the regulations and requirements

Projects in the utilities segment mean stringent guidelines and safety requirements to meet the local codes. nVent HOFFMAN has proven the ability to meet the requirements of local utilities, while offering solutions that are off-the-shelf and cost-effective.

  • Safely enclose junctions with single and three-phase sectionalizing cabinets rated 15 and 25 KV at 200 or 600 amperes 
  • Safely enclose instrument transformers and branch circuits with a wide range of CT cabinets and terminal boxes that fit specific local utility requirements
  • Protect critical components against rain and other weather factors in these outdoor applications with enclosures that go beyond minimum environmental rating requirements
  • Continuous efforts to provide innovative products and solutions including our cost-saving angled wiring trough, contractor grade stainless steel pull box and trough and pull box extender

Commercial Enclosures

<span>CT Cabinet Screw-Cover Type 3R</span>

CT Cabinet Screw-Cover Type 3R

<span>CT Mounting Base</span>

CT Mounting Base

<span>Utility Junction (UJ) Cabinet</span>

Utility Junction (UJ) Cabinet

<span>Terminal Box Type 3R</span>

Terminal Box Type 3R


<span>Screw-Cover Wiring Trough Type 3R</span>

Screw-Cover Wiring Trough Type 3R

<span>Splitter Trough Type 1</span>

Splitter Trough Type 1

Utility Resources

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