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infrastructure construction

nVent HOFFMAN can help build the infrastructure of the future 

Whether building the next bridge, tunnel, roadway or airport, rely on nVent HOFFMAN solutions to protect your installations, even in challenging outdoor environments. 

  • Reliable and cost-effective corrosive protection for pull/junctions and panel applications in DOT, airports, and general outdoor building projects with a wide array of enclosures, boxes, and wireway configurations   
  • 3R and 4X solutions that protect against rain and other weather factors with enclosure design and construction that goes go beyond minimum environmental rating requirements  
  • Engineered and manufactured to the highest UL and NEMA standards to provide superior protection for critical component   

With a variety of commercial enclosures and wireway solutions with strong reputations, focus on powering the way without worrying about protecting your installations.

Commercial Enclosures

<span>Screw Cover Pull Box, Type 4X</span>

Screw Cover Pull Box, Type 4X

<span>Medium Drip-Shield Hinged-Cover, Type 3R</span>

Medium Drip-Shield Hinged-Cover, Type 3R

<span>WeatherPro Pad-Mount Single-Door Type 3R</span>

WeatherPro Pad-Mount Single-Door Type 3R

<span>Screw-Cover, Gasketed, Type 3</span>

Screw-Cover, Gasketed, Type 3


<span>Stainless Steel Screw-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 4X</span>

Stainless Steel Screw-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 4X

<span>Straight Section, Lay-in Painted Galvanized Hinged-Cover</span>

Straight Section, Lay-in Painted Galvanized Hinged-Cover

<span>Straight Section, Feed-Through FG Hinged-Cover, Type 12, 3R</span>

Straight Section, Feed-Through FG Hinged-Cover, Type 12, 3R

<span>Fiberglass Hinged-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 12 and 3R</span>

Fiberglass Hinged-Cover Wiring Trough, Type 12 and 3R

Non-Building Construction Resources

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