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Water & Wastewater


Maximizing value in water treatment facilities

nVent HOFFMAN leverages decades of experience in water treatment businesses to provide cost-effective products from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and non-metallic enclosures to cooling and humidity management that can help prolong the life of equipment in these harsh environments. 

  • Improve the total cost of ownership in challenging government cost-constrained environments
  • Heating, cooling, monitoring, and service to improve enclosure performance and extend the usable life of components

With an extensive sales and supply network nVent HOFFMAN can provide program management consulting services at every stage of your project. 


<span>Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Industrial Enclosures</span>

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Industrial Enclosures

Single-Door Enclosure with 3 Point Latch Type 4X

<span>Concept Stainless Steel Wallmount Type 4X</span>

Concept Stainless Steel Wallmount Type 4X

Universal Free-Stand Enclosures Type 4X

Fiberglass and Thermoplastic Industrial Terminal and Junction Boxes

<span>PolyPro, Type 4X</span>

PolyPro, Type 4X

Climate Control

SpectraCool Narrow with Advanced Corrosion Protection Compact

SpectraCool Narrow with Advanced Corrosion Protection

SpectraCool with Advanced Corrosion Protection

Filter Fan Shrouds, Type 4/4X

HMI & Accessories

<span>Hol-Sealers Hole Seal</span>

Hol-Sealers Hole Seal

LED Light Kit

<span>Window Kit, Type 4, 4X and 12</span>

Window Kit, Type 4, 4X and 12

Corrosion Inhibitor

Wire & Cable Management

<span>Straight Section, Feed-Through SS Hinged-Cover, Type 4X</span>

Straight Section, Feed-Through SS Hinged-Cover, Type 4X

Water & Wastewater Resources

Hazardous Locations Brochure

Zonex Enclosures Brochure

Safer by Design Brochure