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Grafik für ProTek Double-Hinged, UL and NEMA Type 4 or 12 in Europa, Mittlerer Osten, Afrika und Indien
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ProTek Double-Hinged, UL and NEMA Type 4 or 12


  • RAL 7035 Lt. Gray
  • Industrielle Standards:

    UL 508A Listed; File Number E61997 cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 94; File Number E619967 Solid Door: Type 4 and 12 Window Door: Type 12 NEMA / EEMAC: Type 4 or 12 IEC 60529, IP66 or IP55
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    ProTek Double-Hinged enclosures are an excellent, off-the shelf choice for mounting 19-in. rack, panel-mounted devices or other electronic equipment. The enclosures are designed to provide both front and rear access to 19-in. rack-mounted equipment. They provide protection against water, dirt, corrosive agents and other contaminants. ProTek is an excellent choice for applications where space is at a premium and the only option is wall mounting. ProTek comes in a broad range of sizes, materials and configurations to meet many demanding applications.


  • Enclosure
  • Enclosure with hinged door
  • Assembly kit
  • Installation instruction
  • Eigenschaften:

  • Front and rear access to 19-in. rack equipment provided by three-part design: door, center section and wall section
  • Solid door provides complete physical and visual protection
  • Window door, made of scratch-resistant safety glass, provides visual monitoring of internal equipment while maintaining equipment protection
  • All seams are fully welded and ground smooth
  • Doors, center section and wall section are provided with ground studs to facilitate proper bonding and grounding of the enclosure
  • Premium seamless, foam-in-place gasket prevents contaminants from entering the enclosure
  • Keylocking wing knob is included on painted steel enclosure, providing access control to the enclosure; two keys are included with each enclosure
  • One set of plated, self-grounding, square hole rack angles per CEA universal spacing standards, which can be adjusted front-to-back.
  • Spezifikationen:

  • Doors made of 1,5 mm thick steel; center and wall sections made of 2,0 mm thick steel
  • Window made of 6 mm thick, scratch- and impact-resistant safety glass
  • Rack angles made of plated 2,5 mm steel
  • M6 ground studs on door, center and wall sections are masked from paint
  • Foam-in-place gasket made of durable polyurethane
  • Load Ratings:

  • Center hinged section:
  • Height: 16 in., Maximum Load Rating: 175 lb./79.4 kg
  • Height: 24 in., Maximum Load Rating: 250 lb./113.4 kg
  • Height: 36 in., Maximum Load Rating: 300 lb./136.1 kg
  • Height: 48 in., Maximum Load Rating: 350 lb./158.8 kg
  • Height: 60 in., Maximum Load Rating: 400 lb./181.4 kg
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    Katalognummer Beschreibung A mm B mm C mm
    Katalognummer Beschreibung A mm B mm C mm
    Solid Door 434 600 380
    Solid Door 612 600 380
    Solid Door 612 600 610
    Solid Door 922 600 380
    Solid Door 922 600 610
    Solid Door 1233 600 380
    Solid Door 1233 600 610
    Solid Door 1525 600 380
    Solid Door 1525 600 610
    Window Door 434 600 380
    Window Door 612 600 380
    Window Door 612 600 610
    Window Door 922 600 380
    Window Door 922 600 610
    Window Door 1233 600 380
    Window Door 1233 600 610
    Window Door 1525 600 380
    Window Door 1525 600 610