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ProLine G2 Frame Joining Kits

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  • P40
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    <p>The ProLine G2 Frame Joining Kit permits joining two enclosure frames while maintaining an environmental seal. A newly-designed gasket and hardware kit ensures the joining kit is easy to use, sturdy, and maintains a dust-tight and water-tight seal between joined frames.</p>


    The ProLine G2 Frame Joining Kit joins two modular enclosures while maintaining an environmental seal. This process is also commonly referred to as baying. The kits have been designed for ease of installation, while maintaining the G2 solution strength.


  • P2AJ is the standard side-to-side joining solution for ProLine G2. Two unique gaskets are supplied in the kit: the L-shaped gasket mounts to the frame’s knife edge at the top and bottom; while the flat gasket mounts to the frame’s vertical rails. The supplied hardware mounts through the frame holes, and incorporates a compression stop spacer to ensure nominal gasket compression.
  • P2AJJ relies on the same gasketing as P2AJ, but utilizes a new two-piece bracket that mounts between enclosures on the frame mounting holes. The two-piece nature of this bracket allows the user to bay enclosures for initial population, separate for transportation, and then re-bay in the field without having to remove the bracket(s). This solution is a great option for applications where the preferred position of the mounting subpanel is fully recessed in the rear.
  • P2AJF and P2AJS are designed for front-to-back and front-to-side joining respectively. P2AJS would be used in applications where a bayed-system makes a 90-degree turn in or around a corner
  • P2AJB is designed for top-to-bottom joining, where G2 enclosures are stacked vertically. Joining occurs in the corners between the top and bottom, so covers/barriers cannot be incorporated: this solution would not be recommended for separating voltages
  • P2AJP and P2AJR are designed for side-to-side joining of G2 enclosures to ProLine (Gen 1) and modular enclosures with a closed frame profile respectively
  • P2AJHF is a side-to-side EMC joining kit where UL94HP-rated urethane foam gasket ensures proper metal to metal contact
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    Catalog Number Description
    Catalog Number Description
    Joining Kit, G2 Side to G2 Side
    Joining Kit, G2 Front to G2 Back
    Joining Kit, G2 Side to ProLine Side
    Joining Kit, G2 Side to R Side
    Joining Kit, EMC G2 Side to G2 Side