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Stainless Steel Enclosures

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  • Enclosures meet global industry standards
  • Backed by global manufacturing and support for both local and multi-national customers
  • Specially designed enclosures for applications in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Oil & Gas, etc.
  • Broad selection of product types, materials and configurations
  • Flexible modification and customization to your specifications

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GL66 Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Enclosure
RoHS Flag: Yes

GL66 Series stainless steel enclosures are designed for indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection against chemicals and water. GL66 enclosures feature streamlined styling with a stroked finish and 3mm double bit quarter-turn latches for secure closure. For diverse applications, enclosures are available in hinged and screw cover models. GL66 enclosures also offer flexible internal mounting options, ranging from variable depth back panels to DIN-rail mounting provisions.

GL66 Stainless Steel Screw Cover Wall-Mount Enclosure
Finish: Brushed stainless steel
Material: Stainless Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

HOFFMAN mild steel wall-mount enclosures are designed to house and protect electrical and electronic components in industrial environments. An ergonomic and aesthetic styling together with a gray finish make this solution an excellent choice when style and functionality are important. All types of wall-mount enclosures have an outward formed flange to prevent contaminants from entering the enclosure.

GL66 Stainless Steel Overlapping Door Wall-Mount Enclosure
Finish: Brushed 320
Material: Stainless Steel Type 304
GL66 Stainless Steel Top Sun Shield
RoHS Flag: Yes

Top sun shield can be mounted at the top of the body after drilling holes in enclosure. Mounting hardware included.

GL66 Stainless Steel Lock Inserts
RoHS Flag: Yes
GL66 Mounting Plate
Finish: Plated
Material: Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

Panels are 2.0 or 2.5mm steel with conductive finish. Grounding marks are punched. Sized for M8 fastener.

InLine, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A54S
Material: Stainless Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

Aesthetic styling, flush latches and an attractive, stroked finish make InLine Enclosures an excellent choice when style and functionality are important. InLine Enclosures have an outward formed body flange to prevent contaminants from entering the enclosure and are available in three cover styles: hinged window door, hinged solid door and solid screw cover.

Continuous-Hinge with Clamps, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A51S
RoHS Flag: Yes

Used in either indoor or outdoor applications, these enclosures combine a rugged continuous hinge, seamless foam-in-place gasket and stainless steel screw-down clamps for a reliable seal that protects components from corrosive environments.

Two-Door with 3-Point Latches, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: A4S3
Material: Stainless Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

These two-door enclosures provide industry-leading protection for large components or complex mounting configurations in highlycorrosive environments. Three-point latching with the Hoffman PowerGlide padlocking handles and a foam-in-place gasket combine convenience with security. They are well-suited for use in petrochemical plants; pulp and paper processing; water treatment facilities; and food, pharmaceutical and packaging applications.

WaterShed Free-Stand, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: WS2
RoHS Flag: Yes

The Hoffman WaterShed stainless steel free-stand enclosure, with its unique design and Type 4X rating, is a perfect fit for mounting electrical or high-tech electronic equipment in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Its unique features are specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments like food, beverage, or pharmaceutical processing.

Hoffman WaterShed, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: WS1
Material: Stainless Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

These enclosures feature nVent HOFFMAN's exclusive PowerGlide Handle with 3-point latching, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection, convenient access, and padlocking security.

30.5-mm and 22.5-mm Pushbutton Enclosures, Type 4X
Bulletin Number: PB1S
RoHS Flag: Yes

Punched specifically to house either 30.5-mm or 22.5-mm oil-tight pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights. Enclosures provide protection against dirt, dust, oil and water.  See Mild Steel chapter for related mild steel enclosures.

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